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The Re-Member-ship/Remember-Ship/Re-Membership is Les Gens Normaux's follow-up journey into the depths of Het Syndicaat. We are very pleased to propose this wicked triumvirate of sound that ensures to ride us from the purposely unpolished to the rigorously produced. 

One becomes a Member to be a regular… so, this time we welcome two new projects, FindTheGap and Niek Ta Mère, and our veteran, Alex Mart. We are very pleased to host FindTheGap, the brainchild of Stefano Sgarbi and Ruben Lombrosso, two of our favourite sound spectrums traveling around The Hague. Niek Ta Mère is the archetype of the, all surprising, sonic diver for music from the 80’s, house and discoAlex Mart delivers, as usual, the best of his very own style we like to call mainstream finesse.

Remember to bring your friends along the Ship.
Friends don’t let friends be ships in a harbour…
For that is not what friendships are built for! TO THE MEMBER-SHIP!!!

Les Gens Normaux makes its first appearance of the year 2016 in The Netherlands. Join us in Den Haag at Het Syndicaat for The Member-Ship, a party designed to abduct you and prepare you for a proper party year. This time, we merge our veteran DJ Alex Mart with one of our new crew members and DJ Menera Terremoto. Listen to the SoundCloud's of these two and check out the subtle mix going from the mainstream finesse to the deep soundscapes of Berlin. It is what you get when you listen to Andalucian chants while eating warm Bavarian fruit-cakes with friends, but turned into a party. So come to "Het Syndicaat" and sign up for your Member-Ship, we promise you the sweetest crew on board and a wild musical abduction...

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